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Amara Raja's Powerstack, is a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. The Powerstack range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of capacities depending on the application. Major application areas include Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Railways, Defence and other heavy Industries.


  • Design float life of 20 years
  • Proven performance in harsh tropical conditions
  • Deep discharge capabilities
  • Unbeatable track record in applications across heavy industries
  • QS 9000 - accredited across all functional areas and businesses ranging from manufacturing to services
  • World class ISO 14001 accredited facility Powerstack comes to you with all the backing, advantages and technological advancement of Amara Raja to provide all the power requirements that heavy industries crave.

Telecom: Our Batteries power: almost half of BSNL / MTNL exchanges 70% of the Private Basic Service providers' exchanges More than 70% of the Cellular service providers' exchanges

Our prestigious telecom customers include: All ITI plants for In-house and switch requirements BSNL / MTNL All NT Switch OEMs viz., Lucent, Alcatel, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson etc., All C-DOT switch OEMs viz. BEL, BHEL, CGL, UTL, etc. All private Basic and Cellular service providers All Network Integrators


Power Control:  We provide Back-Up critical installations in Power generating Units and provide back-up power for transmission and distribution sub-stations like: Raichur Thermal Power station North Chennai Thermal Power station ARBL is an approved vendor for NTPC / NHPC and Power Grid Corporation.

Motive Power

Motive Power: ARBL is the country's first manufacturer of maintenance-free traction batteries used in Forklifts and Pallet trucks. Our customers include APC, Siemens, Alstom, Crompton Greaves etc.


UPS & EPABX:ARBL is the preferred suppliers for all leading UPS back-up manufacturers like APC, Numeric, DB Power, APLab, Electronics & Controls etc. Our UPS batteries are the fastest growing battery brand since it's launch in July 2002 with a nation-wide footprint of Sales and Service points and over 300, 000 batteries in use at over 10, 000 customer sites.

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